Test Systems Australia


ZERA Test Systems, Australia with ZERA GmbH , Germany bring together the expert knowledge of electrical energy metrology, mechanical engineering, power electronics, digital technology and software.

ZERA GmbH, Germany  - On this basis, we have been developing and manufacturing highest precision with economical  portable and stationary test systems for decades.

Our quality guarantee Made in Germany applies to our systems.


In range of Portable Meter 
Test Systems you can find Reference Meter, All-in-one 
Test System, Sources, Software and Accessories.

In the range of Precision Laboratory Systems you 
can find Primary standard, comparator, Reference Multimeter and Accessories.

In the range of Stationary Meter Test Systems you can find Power Source Systems, Components, Test Bench and Accessories.

In the range of Transformer Test Systems you can find Stationary and Mobile Transformer Test Systems. There are also Source Systems.

Portable Meter Test

Precision Laboratory

Stationary Meter Test

Transformer Test

Link to German Website:  www.zera.de

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia